January 15, 2021

How To Find Your Purpose

Whether you believe it or not, you have a unique purpose in life and it is your duty to discover what that is.

At the end of the day, we all have two lives here on earth. Our first life starts when we are born, and the second begins when we discover why. You are here living on earth for a divine reason and now is the time for you to find out WHY.

This video was a test run for us to find our video style in what we're going to be creating moving forward for our channel.

The vid is a little disjointed considering it was taken from cuts on our Renaissance Q&A call and we're now creating v2, but we'd love to see how you like the style and feel of the video.

Check out the action items and video resources for a more systematic approach to finding your purpose.

Earth is our country and humanity is our race, let us rise, rally & unite as one :)

- Rhett & the team at UnitedMind.com.

  1. Take the personality and psychometric tests linked in the resource section to gain a greater level of awareness and understanding of yourself.
  2. Clean up your nutritional intake by eliminating processed foods and eating an abundance of high vibrational foods (veggies, fruits, beans, etc).
  3. Eliminate additional toxins from your life that hijack your energetic frequency & wreak havoc on your mind (drugs, alcohol, caffeine etc).
  4. Exercise daily to enhance your energy, circulate blood flow and cycle your lymphatic fluid.
  5. Sleep enough to ensure your mind and body achieve high levels of recovery throughout the night.
  6. Meditate daily to go within and develop a deeper connection to yourself and your personal truth.
  7. Ground yourself daily to reset your energy by connecting with nature (Examples: Walking outside barefoot, swimming in lake/ river/ ocean).

Here are a list of the personality/ psychometric tests that I recommend taking in the video.

Personality Tests:

The personality tests below are a variety of tests that are of more spiritual origin, when compared to those of a more psychometric/ modern "scientific" nature.

I will be creating additional training in the future to further explain these tests, however, in the meantime understand that these tests are extremely powerful and can give you deeper insight into your true genetic makeup, natural born talents and lead you to a greater place of clarity in remembering your true purpose and mission here on earth.

1. Human Design —

Price: Free

2. Numerology —

Price: Free with paid version for full report.

3. Astrology —

Price: Free

Psychometric Tests:

Psychometric tests are a standard and scientific method used to measure your mental capabilities and behavioral style. Psychometric tests are designed to measure candidates' personalities, biases, defaults, etc.

At UnitedMind.com, we use four main tests to form a psychological view of a person, they are listed below. I recommend you do all of them and store your results.

Myers Briggs —

This test shows you your personality biases using four letters.
Price: Free
URL: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test


This test shows you your attitude biases using four main variables.
Price: Free
URL: https://www.123test.com/disc-personality-test/

Clifton Strengths Report —

Discover and maximize your most powerful natural talents with Top 5 CliftonStrengths.

Workplace Personality Inventory —

This test shows you your motivation biases.
Price: $25
URL: https://www.psionline.com/assessments/workplace-personality-inventory-ii/

Understand that on the Earth right now, like, everyone has a divine purpose. And when I say divine purpose, I mean like, bigger universal purpose that fits in with the evolution of humanity, the planet and our universe itself, because everything is connected, absolutely everything. So when you understand that, it becomes quite clear that, like, you are a significant and also insignificant.

So while like, the universe is so big, that may make you think and feel insignificant, like, oh, like, what am I here to actually do? How much of a difference can not really even make, so is there even any point, and that's the path that most people take where they're like, just start a business, make cash, don't worry about your purpose, or your passion, just fuck it all, just like make some cash, and you'll find it later. That's bullshit, because you're just delaying what you're here to do on Earth, which is find your purpose. That's what you're here to do. It is an essential step in you living this human experience. 

Because when you understand that everything is so divine, like masterfully ordered in the universe and on earth, and that the earth just makes up a part of the galaxy that we live within. And that there's other beings out there, floating like they're up there, hovering around watching over Earth, they're living on other planets, in other solar systems and other galaxies, like it's very real. So we're here and we make up part of it. And what happens think about how you evolve as a human, you're, you come down here on Earth, and you're like, in this physical body, in this physical world, in the three dimensional world. But the universe is made up of like 12, dimensions 12 we know of one, which is 3d, which is like, what we're living right now, this is a 3d reality.

There are a certain amount of humans that incarnated or like we're born here on this planet, and humanity's goal is to ascend and evolve. Basically, like that is the core purpose. And we ascend and evolve by mastering our emotions, and our like spirituality. And we do that by connecting with yourself, and going within through things like meditation. So when you go in and start like taking personal assessments, like getting to know these, quote, unquote, like quacky, things that most people like, don't actually think are real, yet they really are things like astrology, numerology, Human Design, all of these things, actually can tell you a little bit about who you are, like who you truly are your genetic makeup, because you have a unique genetic code that is unique to you. And it holds the blueprint for your life, and your spot in the universe. Like your DNA is so complex, we are barely just beginning to understand it. And it holds the key, it is like the master key to why you're here, and what you're here to do. And I don't mean that to like bago, like, all go study DNA. It's more about knowing that like, each of us have a unique DNA and genetic makeup, where we have specific codes in our body. So I also believe there's a group of humans here that chose to actually incarnate here on Earth, from other galaxies, right? Because when we look at the human being, you're made up of a body, which is physical, you're made up of a mind, which is like metaphysical, but then you're made up of spirit. And not many people understand spirit. Like, what do you think of spirit is a spirit is connected through your heart back to everything that exists in the universe. 

Because from the very origin of our existence, we were all one view it like a seed. We were just all a seed. The seed was just a state of being. But then we expanded and we started to develop thoughts, which is the mind we started to develop the mind.

So the mind is like the how we experience and perceive the universe in the world that we live within. And then from all these fractals that break out. So say it's one seed, then like a thought develops. And that's like a splintering off from the oneness. 

And that's like a splinter. Now you've got like the one node, which is the oneness of everything that it all exists, then you have this splintering were now. All right, there's a thought. Now another being gets created out here, it gets splintered off from the whole. And now it's still a part of the whole, it's still very connected to it.

But now it's living its own unique experience with its own unique perspectives in the world. And the universe. Think of that times billions. And that's what we are, we are just splinters from the original node of the origin. So if we're just splinters, understand that, with all the different dimensions of consciousness, we're on the 3d, which is physical, so we can see it.

And that's why in our current world and society, usually most of us only believe what we can see. Because if we can see it, then it's real. It's tangible, it's fucking wood. But if we can't see it, and we start talking about aliens, and spirit guides, and spiritual beings, we all start to shut off because now our ego gets really frightened and scared, that we're going to lose our fucking mind, if we stopped believing this shit.

The whole point is, is just to let go and have trust in allowing your mind to expand. Because your mind, think of all the dreams you have, think of all the thoughts you think are very real. Your Dreams are very real, your thoughts are very real. There just might not be operating on this physical plane on Earth. So it might not be familiar. But your thoughts create realities in other realms. 

So then, that's the second layer, which is like the mind. But going back to the origin of the Spirit, you've got the node, we all splinter off into our different unique experiences on different planets in different galaxies, which have different environments and different dynamics, which each splinter of the node, which is a colossal splinter of the node, where one part of it, and by us living our life, here on Earth, and perceiving reality, how we do through our eyes, our perceptions, and our mind and our thoughts, and our Ascension towards mastery, we contribute to the intelligence and the consciousness of the one, the oldest is which is the node. Because our perception and experience, like gives the node data and intelligence about our experience that we've lived. But think of all the different splinters and fragments of all the different humans, all the different beings, all the different planets, these are all unique experiences that people are living, and each unique experience, felt and perceived in their own unique way. Because everyone's unique. Everyone is an individual, but we all individually make up the whole, and our collective experience and perception of reality contributes to the infinite intelligence that is.

That's why we are all creators of our own reality, and the collective reality because the reason why the earth is the way it is right now, with all this chaos and conflict going on. It's just a physical representation of what the collective, the average of the collective.

If you see like wars breaking out, if you see conflict in the streets, that is merely the average of what humanity is going through at this point in time. Because if we are seeing wars, that means that human there's still a level of humanity that's operating in the emotions of like fear, lack, guilt, shame, hate anger. But if you see people like shaking hands, getting along and doing what they love, that's a representation, that there's a portion of humanity, who is operating at higher levels of consciousness, doing what they love.

The purpose is to live out our experience fully, to like, take it all in, but it's to learn from each individual experience. We're here to experience life, and we must reflect and learn from our experiences. Because it's in the learning from each experience that we have, that allows us to transcend to a higher level of consciousness because our whole wants to to evolve and expand, like greater realms of consciousness, and to reconnect back with the ultimate creator.

If we're all here living this experience, we're here to experience number one, and learn from experiences.

But then from there, we're truly here to master oneself spiritually and consciously.

So when we connect with the source of spirit, and remember, spirit is connected through the heart. And the way you get into the heart is to express feelings of love and gratitude. That's why people say all do gratitude meditation, but they don't explain why. So then when you go to do gratitude, meditations, it kind of feels good, but I don't know why the fuck I'm doing this. Or I don't know why the fuck I'm meditating, the point of meditation, and to express those feelings of love and gratitude is to connect you into the heart, to get out of the mind, to go in to feel.

And then when you feel deep enough, you connect back to spiritual source, which is your connection to all that is, and all that ever has been and will be, if you start to feel through the heart, feelings of love, forgiveness, happiness, joy, and loving what you're doing, that literally raises your vibration up to a level, where you're now operating at a frequency that is able to receive communication and intelligence that is delivered to you through the heart from the universe.

And then your mind is in a state to interpret what information you have received through the heart through feeling, because the heart has brain cells in it. And you are energy beings, which means you are a huge receiver for information. But remember, just like when you're tuning in your radio station, like, if you're on 95.6, FM, you're not going to pick up a higher frequency bandwidth, because you're on that bandwidth. But if you want to change the information that you're receiving into your heart and mind, the only way to do it is to change the frequency. How do you change your frequency, you increase your level of vibration in your body?

How do you change your level of vibration in your body?
You optimize your energy.

By nutrition, everything that you consume is information.

Okay? So everything that you're consuming in your mouth is simply information.

And by the way, this, what I'm covering here is literally the secret to life. get this right, you can create and build whatever you want to in your life. 

However, once you start to master yourself and master your thoughts, there's nothing externally that can diminish your vibration. Because once you start to vibrate at a higher frequency within, you learn how to create the vibration from within through your heart.

When you optimize your energy from within, you literally start sending out energy from you. And you create this really big protective bubble of energy that actually influences others, but you cannot be influenced by the energy of other people. And that's what we are here to do on planet Earth is to master ourself, and increase our level of vibration and frequency, and level of consciousness.

So we can then help others heal, and transcend and raise their level of consciousness. So then they can go and help others too. And by helping people do this one by one, we literally raised the vibration and energetic frequency of the planet.

We know that the collective purpose is to spread like light and love to others, to help them and healing to help them transcend their level of consciousness and to master oneself. But then as individuals, it's our duty to find what we love doing. And then to commit to serve humanity by doing that thing as best as we possibly can, and just fucking loving it.

So it doesn't matter what you do.

Each interaction that you have in everyday life and the way that you conduct yourself personally, literally contributes to either the expansion of human consciousness or the limitation of it.

So each time no matter what you're doing in your work, your career. You've got to find what your archetype is. You've got to like connect with what you're here to do.

And when you find that it's just a matter of pursuing it, but your deeper purpose if you don't know exactly like, your mission and how you're going to like channel yourself in how you're going to deploy your knowledge and skillsets into the world, in whatever realm that you decide, or whatever avenue you decide.

The core essence of it is to master oneself and the answers will come.