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Schedule releasing soon :)
Schedule releasing soon :)
Schedule releasing soon :)

Master All Areas of Your Life

In order to change the world, we must first be the change we wish to see. And true change requires integration of the whole.


Your quality of life is determined by your level of intelligence and consciousness.

Focus Areas: Strategic life design, digital organization, knowledge management, creative workflows, critical thinking, decision making, gaining laser focus, achieving flow, enhancing performance, productivity, strategic planning, mental models, persuasive skills, emotional intelligence, developing your unified theory of everything.


In order to accomplish big goals in life, you need an abundance of ENERGY. Your physical health is the key to becoming the best version of yourself and thriving in all areas of life.

Focus Areas: Intuitive health, raising your vibration, energy enhancement, nutrition, recovery, sleep, breath work, grounding.


To neglect the pursuit of spiritual mastery is to deny oneself of knowing what it means to truly live.

Focus Areas: Discovering Your Purpose, Knowing Thyself, Identifying Your Unique X-Factor, Your Human Design, Mysteries of The Universe, Kundalini Energy, The Chakra System, Quantum Physics, Epigenetic's, Understanding Higher Realms, Discovering Your Core Archetypes, Our Mission On Earth.


It no longer makes sense to build a business or work a 9-5 to make money in exchange for doing something you hate. It's time to answer your true calling and start doing what you were born to do.

Focus Areas: Business strategy, designing and creating products/ services/ art from the heart, differentiating yourself from the market, creating your marketing flywheel, strengths-based selling, building your high performance sales team, hiring/ managing your team, outsourcing, automating workflows, systemizing your business, leadership skills, coaching skills.


The Levels of Ascension

Online community MEMBERSHIP
The New Age Renaissance

Are you alone on the path of spiritual awakening where your current reality seems to be falling apart and most of those around you

If so, UNITE with our community of like minded creators, entrepreneurs, leaders and lightworkers committed to mastering themselves and enhancing their level of consciousness.

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Alchemy of Life Design

Have you reached a point where you've realized that you're living a life that no longer aligns with what you truly want?

If so, Alchemy of Life Design is the ultimate 30 day reset to simplify your life, reclaim your power, and design a life that is in deep alignment to your highest purpose.

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12 month mastermind for men
Gentlemen's Mastery

A Mastermind for a small group of New Age Renaissance Men committed to mastering the game of life and achieving the impossible.

Includes quarterly mastermind events (in-person & virtual), monthly 1-day intensive workshops, weekly live coaching calls, online courses, resources and private community.

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The Mission

What's up Team! We're Rhett & Jenni, the creators of UnitedMind. We built this community, coaching & education platform to advance our vision of awakening & uniting Humanity by increasing our collective level of consciousness.

Our specific mission for this platform is to provide you with all the training, coaching, resources & support to equip you with the knowledge & skillsets required to:

Live your life by your own design, pursue your unique life's purpose, raise your level of consciousness and achieve complete personal sovereignty, enabling you to be a beacon of light, abundance and inspiration for others.

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