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RISE, RALLY and UNITE with our community of renegade entrepreneurs, creators, healers and starseeds as we trail-blaze the path of ascending in consciousness.

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u·nit·ed mind

noun    /yo͞oˈnīdəd/ mīnd/

As a collective, we are a united group of Renaissance Entrepreneurs, Creators, Leaders, Healers and Starseeds who choose to unite as one in the pursuit of awakening and liberating humanity into freedom.

We are the renegades, trailblazers and innovators here to co-create New Earth, and guide humanity into the golden age of collective freedom, sovereignty and abundance.

Together, we collaborate and co-create to help one another transcend the limitations of The Matrix through the expansion of our consciousness.

as individuals, we are Quantum creators

quan·tum cre·a·tor

noun    /ˈkwän(t)əm/ /krēˈādər/

Someone who writes their own rules and creates their own reality through mastery of their internal world.

Purpose driven, they have a knowing deep within their heart that they are here on Earth with a very specific mission that serves humanity in their own unique way.

Feeling deeply called to make this world a better place, they strive to innovate and create as they convert challenges into opportunities.

Willing to get comfortable being uncomfortable, they remain unafraid to disrupt societal norms and challenge the status quo.

Driven to BE the change they wish to see in the world, they are the ones who say "if it is to be, then it is up to me!".

A visionary in all aspects of life with an internal fire that inspires them to RISE and lead in the darkness of night.

Meet Rhett Coots!

Rhett is a former Australian Rules Footballer, turned performance and business coach with a strong orientation toward the spiritual side of life.

Formerly partnered with Sam Ovens at, and currently partnered with Garrett J. White at, Rhett has spent the last 8 years honing his craft as a coach helping thousands of entrepreneurs maximize their personal and business performance.

In early 2020, becoming increasingly concerned for the future of humanity... Rhett created with the intention to help purpose driven Entrepreneurs and Creators re-ignite their fire, unleash their power, and RISE as the leaders of New Earth to guide humanity into a free, abundant and prosperous future.

Why? To liberate and free humanity of enslavement from the puppet masters and Matrix programming.

How? Create a United New Age Renaissance focused on helping the collective group master themselves in all domains of life and raising their level of consciousness in order to become Quantum Creators of their reality.

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Your Levels of Ascension

UnitedMind Community

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Your mission inside of UnitedMind: Master thyself. Expand in consciousness. Help liberate humanity from matrix enslavement.

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Here's What People Are Saying.

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Rhett has helped me level up in all areas of life and ensures that I'm firing on all cylinders.

Within 6 months of joining I've more than doubled my sales production, and I've also been creating more than I ever have in my side business.

If you're even considering joining, it's a no brainer. I've already seen a 10X return on my investment.

Phillip Crawford
Sales Practitioner, Performance Coach

Since I joined, almost a year ago, i've made over $230,000. This is quite sick.

On a more important note - I don't even recognize the dude I was before joining this program. Just thank you man.

Eric Eliah
Founder of

When I first joined UnitedMind I was in the shit. I had addictions to porn, weed and alcohol.

Rhett helped me overcome my addictions, transform my mind and helped me get my life back on track... which ultimately saved my marriage.

Joining was the best decision of my life.

Daniel Ortiz

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