Discover Your X-Factor, Skyrocket Your Performance And Grow Your Purpose Driven Coaching Business By Becoming The Quantum Creator of Your Reality...

"The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate for the stormy present and future. As our circumstances are new, we must think anew, and act anew." - Abraham Lincoln

Systemize Your Life

Skyrocket Your Performance

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quan·tum cre·a·tor

noun    /ˈkwän(t)əm/ /krēˈādər/

A Quantum Creator is someone who has mastered their internal world, enabling them to create anything they desire in their external reality.

Quantum Creators see every living moment as an opportunity for creation. They are master manifestors and magicians in the realm of business.

They transcend the hustle and grind culture, using their advanced level of consciousness to find simple solutions in seemingly complex situations.

They are big picture thinkers and are here to guide others into a better way of living.

They use the domain of business simply as a tool in which to serve their fellow human beings, and see it as their duty to create a bright future for our entire civilization.

Who Is Quantum Creator For?

coaches, consultants, course creators, healers & lightworkers

Do you currently...

Feel Overwhelmed...
Feel overwhelmed in your business and don't have the clarity, focus or certainty in knowing what to do next to continue growing over the next 12 months?

Want Holistic Help...
You're looking for a sustainable way to grow your purpose driven business while advancing in your own growth and level of mastery in all areas of life across the domains of mind, body, spirit and relationships.

Not Resonate With Most Business Guru's Who Attempt To Put You In A Box...
You're feeling frustrated with the "standard online business model" that has been regurgitated and taught by almost all business coaches in the online space...

Want To Build A Business That You LOVE, Turning Your Purpose Into Profit...
You want to design your entire life and business around being able to wake up and do what you love, enabling you to serve your clients to your greatest capacity from a place of fun, excitement, and feeling fully ALIVE.

Want To Grow A Purpose Driven Business Around Your Unique X-Factor...
You want to be valued and highly paid for your unique gifts, enabling you to stand out in the marketplace without having to compete with ANYONE.

How it works

On Demand Courses

Our ever-growing library of on-demand courses will help you discover your purpose, design your dream life, enhance your performance and turn your purpose into profit.

Weekly LIVE Coaching

On a weekly basis, Rhett holds Quantum Creator LIVE Zoom Coaching Calls to answer your personal questions and help you overcome your most mission critical roadblocks.

Monthly LIVE Workshops

On a monthly basis, Rhett runs LIVE training workshops that focus on a specific area of your personal performance or business, enabling you to craft your higher level strategy and execute with speed.

Quantum Creator Included Courses

Alchemy of Life Design


The ultimate 30 day reset to discover your purpose, simplify & systemize your life, reclaim your power and create your dream world.

4 Weeks

High Performance Accelerator

80/20 High performers toolbox

Skyrocket your focus, energy & performance by learning how to access the untapped potential of your mind, body & spirit.

4 Weeks

Quantum Creator

Business accelerator

How to grow a purpose driven coaching business to $30k per month consistently doing what you love (without burning yourself out).

8 Weeks

Upcoming Quantum LIVE Events

Schedule releasing soon :)
Schedule releasing soon :)
Schedule releasing soon :)
The 4-p's framework

The Quantum Creator Method

Our Philosophy


Our Principles

Our core business principles act as our navigation system for the way in which we teach, coach and guide our students to their desired outcome.


Life + Business Pillars

Our core Pillars are the major life & business categories that we help our students master.


Our Unique Process

Creating a reliable process and systemizing it to achieve consistency is the key to creating major breakthroughs in our life and business.

Here's an overview of the process we take our students through.


The Quantum Creator Process

Creating Your Battle Plan


Learn More


Learn More


Learn More

Get started in 3 simple steps...

Step 1

Apply & Book A Call

Book a call with Rhett personally to discuss whether or not Quantum Creator is the right fit for you. If so, he'll invite you to enroll. If not, he'll refer you to someone within his extensive network who can help.

Step 2

Attend The Live Events & Apply The Coursework

There are 4 key areas we must address to create a thriving life and build a purpose driven coaching business. Mind, body, spirit, and business. We'll help you master them all so you can create your dream world and turn your purpose into profit.

Step 3

Grow Your Business

As you begin to master your internal world, you'll become capable of creating anything you desire in the external world. We'll help guide you along the way of growing your coaching business with practical frameworks, on demand training, and live coaching.

Meet Your Coach - Rhett Coots

Rhett is a former Australian Rules Footballer, turned performance and business coach with a strong orientation toward the spiritual side of life.

Formerly partnered with Sam Ovens at Consulting.com, Rhett has spent the last 5 years honing his craft as a coach helping hundreds of entrepreneurs maximize their personal and business performance.

Initially brought onto the team as Sam Ovens High Performance Coach, Rhett continued to expand his role within Consulting.com. Applying his performance strategies into the sales team, he personally generated an average of $3.5 Million per year in cash collected selling high ticket coaching packages over the phone.

In early 2020, Rhett stepped away from his lucrative partnership with Consulting.com to create UnitedMind.com where his mission is to raise the collective consciousness of humanity by helping entrepreneurs and creators uncover their true purpose, activate their unique gifts and build purpose driven businesses that they LOVE.

Rhett's unique gift lies within helping entrepreneurs uncover their true purpose and unique x-factor, enabling them to create a mission driven life and business where they become highly paid for doing what they love.


Quantum Creator Course Modules

Alchemy of Life Design

  • Pillar 1
  • Modules
  • Total Hours
  • Duration
    4 Weeks
  • Course Status
    Enrollment Open

Module Outline

Week 1
1.1 Overview
1.2 The Road That Lays Ahead
1.3 The 7 Stages of Alchemy
1.4 Advance With A Sense of Purpose
1.5 Establishing The Facts of Your Current Reality
Week 2
2.1 Overview
2.2 Mastering The Human Game
2.3 Designing Your Dream Life
2.4 Creating Your DNA
2.5 Building Your Life Structure
2.6 The Alchemists Playbook
2.7 Remembering The Giant Within
Week 3
3.1 Overview
3.2 The Organized Mind
3.3 Thinking In Systems
3.4 The Cortex
3.5 Setting Up Your Life Pillars
3.6 80/20 Digital Organization
3.7 80/20 Environment Overhaul
Week 4
4.1 Overview
4.2 Cortex: Missions & Goal Setting
4.3 Cortex: High Command
4.4 Cortex: War Map 2.0 (Projects & Tasks)
4.5 Cortex: The General's Tent
4.6 Cortex: Life Pillar Dashboards
Week 5: Bonus
5.1 Overview
5.2 Note Taking System
5.3 The Learning Center
5.4 Research Knowledge Vault
5.5 Routine Structure And Habit Tracking
5.6 Advanced Content Creation System

High Performance Acc

  • Pillar 2
  • Modules
  • Total Hours
  • Duration
    4 Weeks
  • Course Status
    Enrollment Open

Module Outline Releasing Soon

Quantum Creator

  • Pillar 3
    Profession (Business)
  • Modules
  • Total Hours
  • Duration
    6 Weeks
  • Course Status
    Enrollment Open

Module Outline Releasing Soon

Here's everything you get

All Online Courses

Get access to high quality training courses in the areas of; mindset, life design, high performance, health and business.

Weekly LIVE Zoom Coaching Calls

Ask Rhett your personal and business questions on a weekly LIVE Zoom Q&A Coaching Call.

Monthly LIVE Masterclasses

Each month, Rhett holds a LIVE Masterclass Workshop to help you get outside of the day-to-day and focus on the most essential.

Private Quantum Community

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, unite and rise together with likeminded holistic entrepreneurs.

Here's What People Are Saying.


Rhett has helped me level up in all areas of life and ensures that I'm firing on all cylinders.

Within 6 months of joining I've more than doubled my sales production, and I've also been creating more than I ever have in my side business.

If you're even considering joining, it's a no brainer. I've already seen a 10X return on my investment.

Phillip Crawford
Sales Practitioner, Performance Coach

Since I joined, almost a year ago, i've made over $230,000. This is quite sick.

On a more important note - I don't even recognize the dude I was before joining this program. Just thank you man.

Eric Eliah
Founder of Performancecoach.io

When I first joined UnitedMind I was in the shit. I had addictions to porn, weed and alcohol.

Rhett helped me overcome my addictions, transform my mind and helped me get my life back on track... which ultimately saved my marriage.

Joining was the best decision of my life.

Daniel Ortiz

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