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"The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate for the stormy present and future. As our circumstances are new, we must think anew, and act anew." - Abraham Lincoln

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As a collective, we are the renaissance


noun    /ˈrenəˌsäns/

The New Age Renaissance is a collective group formed by Individual Renegades who seek to shake things up in the world for the greater good and advancement of humankind.

Together, they seek to collaborate, co-create and innovate to achieve greater levels of self mastery in all domains of life, for they understand that ALL is connected.

As a collective, they stretch to understand the unknown, while simultaneously striving to perfect the known.

They have a knack for simplifying the complex, and creating order amongst the chaos.

as individuals, we are renegades


Noun    /ˈrenəˌɡād/

Also known as; a maverick, misfit, outcast or black sheep who refuses to accept societal norms and defy's the status quo.

Mission driven, they seek to push the boundaries for themselves and society at large.

Heart centered, they hold the vision of a bright future for humanity and commit their lives to be in service of their people.

Deemed crazy by most, they see things differently and refuse to accept limitation of any kind.

They are simply the round pegs who refuse to fit into square holes.

A visionary in all aspects with an internal drive to obtain self mastery across all domains.

Here's how it works

On Demand Courses

Our ever-growing library of on-demand courses will help you discover your purpose, design your dream life, enhance your performance and turn your purpose into profit.

Live Monthly Coaching

On a monthly basis, Rhett Coots holds member-only livestream masterclasses and coaching calls to help you level up in the areas of mind, body, spirit, relationships and business.

UnitedMind Community

Rise, Rally and Unite with Renegade Entrepreneurs & Creators to co-create a community that shares knowledge, generates innovative ideas and collaborates to build our leaders of tomorrow.


The 5 Step Renaissance Process

Discover your unique purpose.

No one can teach you how to discover your purpose, as this is a personal journey of self discovery that only you can embark on.

However, we will help you along the way to uncover the truth of who you really are and why you are here.

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Design your future reality.

Are you living your life by conscious design or are you living a life that others have designed for you?

We'll help you overcome your limiting beliefs, paradigms and thoughts so that you can design a future reality aligned with The Truth of who you really are, not limiting programs.

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Simplify your life & reclaim your power.

Are you overwhelmed, distracted, burned out and lacking the energy to create what you desire?

If so, you're most likely leaking your energy into the non-essential. We'll help you simplify your life and regain focus on what truly matters.

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Systemize your life & business.

Are you drowning in information overload and struggling to keep up with a never ending list of projects and tasks?

We'll help you organize and systemize your life for maximal productive output with minimal input.

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Create your dream world.

The purpose behind the Alchemy of Life Design process is to enable you to become The Creator of Your Dream World.

We equip you with the training, tools, systems and processes to free yourself from restriction and unleash your creative energy.

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Get started in 3 simple steps...

Step 1

Join The Renaissance

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Step 2

Master All Areas of Life

There are 5 key areas we must address to create a thriving life. Mind, body, spirit, relationships and business. We'll help you master them all so you can create your dream world.

Step 3

Create Your Dream World

As you begin to master your internal world, you'll become capable of creating anything you desire in the external world. We'll help guide you along the way.

Hey Team! We're Rhett & Jenni...

The Creators of and we're excited that you're here!

Whether you're looking to reclaim your power, skyrocket your energy, expand your consciousness or build a mission driven business doing what you love, you're in the right place!

We've helped hundreds of people around the world optimize their health, enhance their performance and build highly profitable businesses through coaching and consulting over the past 4 years.

If you're looking for an all in one platform with courses, masterclasses, coaching, resources and tools that can help you create your dream life by upgrading your mind, body, spirit, relationships and business...

Then click below to join our community of New Age Renaissance Men and Women on a similar path of awakening, expansion and personal mastery.


Alchemy of Life Design


Phase 01.


In Phase 01, we take a look at the road that lays ahead and go deep in setting a strong foundation by establishing the facts of your current reality.

Trying to set and achieve goals without first understanding where you currently are, is like trying to get Google Maps to work without a current location.

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Module Outline

Week 1: Foundation
1.1 Welcome To Alchemy of Life Design
1.2 The Road That Lays Ahead
1.3 The 7 Stages of Alchemy
1.4 Advance With A Sense of Purpose
1.5 God Mode: 21 Day Sprint

Phase 02.

Theme: DESIGNING YOUR future reality

In order to create your dream world, you first need to design what your ideal future reality would look like. In Phase 02, we analyze whether we're currently living a life by our own design, or by the design of someone else.

Here, we dismantle all limiting programs, paradigms and beliefs, enabling you to reclaim your power and design a life that you truly desire.

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Module Outline

Week 2: Life Design
2.1 Mastering The Human Game
2.2 Designing Your DNA
2.3 Creating Your Dream Life
2.4 Mapping Your Life Pillars
2.5 Awaken The Giant Within
2.6 The Alchemists Playbook

Phase 03.

Theme: 80/20 Life simplification

In order to speed up, we must first slow down. In Phase 03, we look at all the things in your life that are slowing you down, draining your energy and taking up all your mental bandwidth.

Once we identify the essential from the non-essential, we eliminate all that which no longer serves us and build a life management system to organize the essential.

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Module Outline

Week 3: The Game
3.1 The Impossible Game: 90-Day Sprint
3.2 Establishing The Facts of Your Reality
3.3 Creating Your 90 Day Goals
3.4 Mapping Key Monthly Milestones
3.5 Defining Weekly Metrics
3.6 Building Your Hit List of Tactical Actions
3.7 The Weekly Commitments
3.8 Daily Commitments: Core Habits
3.9 The System: Bringing It All Together

Phase 04.

Theme: Building your life operating system

It's one thing to set goals, however, achieving them requires extreme focus and disciplined action.

In Phase 04, we provide you with our Cortex template and provide you with the training to seamlessly install it into your life, enabling you to keep all of your goals, projects, and tasks organized for all areas of your life.

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Module Outline

Week 4: Life Structure
4.1 The Organized Mind
4.2 Building Your Life Structure
4.3 Designing Your Weekly Time Blocks
4.4 Creating Your Perfect Day
4.5 80/20 Energy + Time Audit
4.6 80/20 Digital Organization
4.7 80/20 Environment Optimization

Phase 05.

Theme: The alchemy of knowledge

The future belongs to the New Age Renaissance Men and Women: The Master Generalists who are able to synthesize a wide array of information, learn valuable skills and innovate in creative ways.

To succeed in the new world, you must have a command of a much larger picture than in the past - Meaning, you must possess different forms of knowledge and an array of skills in different fields, and train your mind to become capable of organizing large amounts of information.

In Phase 05, we provide you with advanced system templates and workflows that will enable you to become a master of information management and content production.

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Module Outline

Week 5: Life OS
5.1 Thinking In Systems
5.2 The UnitedMind Cortex (Master Notion System)
5.3 The Cortex: Ground Zero
5.4 The Cortex: General's Tent
5.4.1 GT: The Quarterly Review
5.4.2 GT: The Monthly Review
5.4.3 GT: The Weekly Review
5.4.4 GT: The Daily Tracker
5.5 The Cortex: WAR MAP
5.5.1 WAR MAP: Projects
5.5.2 WAR MAP: Action Items
5.6 The Cortex: Life Pillar Dashboards
5.7 The Cortex: Classroom
5.8 The Cortex: Notes
5.9 The Cortex: Stacks

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