March 14, 2021

The Song of The Universe (How The Universe Works)

In order to produce from your true essence, you have to remember who you are and why you're here. So in order to remember who you are and why you're here, then you must achieve more awareness of yourself. And once we're born, we then grow up. And as the older we get, the more and more social conditioning and programming that is put on us, that basically makes us think and behave a certain way. So what once we become aware of this, our job is to then strip back the layers to strip off the social constructs, to strip off the social programming that has been put on us and lay it on for many years and years and years. And the more we strip back the layers, we get closer to remembering who we are and our true essence of what we're here to do. And then we become very clear around what our purpose is.

And that mission is because now we're, we're coming from salt, we're coming from hot. We're not coming from a mental bias and construct that was artificially put upon us by someone else that told us how we should behave and what we should do. So these things like astrology, numerology, human design, personality tests, like Myers-Briggs strengths, identification, um, workplace inventory, all these tests, some are more psychometric tests, which show you how your inner psyche works and others, uh, more, um, aligned with deeper spiritual wisdom, which is your actual design and your makeup of why you're here. And that's why I love things like numerology, astrology, and human design, because they give you glimpses inter your essence of what you are and who you are. And once you become more aware of that, when you read your astrology, when you read your numerology, when you read your human design and you become very equipped and well aware of how it all works, then they trigger kind of mini awakenings and rememberings within you.

So because we've go through life so disconnected from our true self, we forget who we are. So as we like come through into this physical realm, we forget our core being of who we truly are. And then society tells us who we are, but that is a false narrative because society really doesn't know anything. The masses do not know much. They are in a they're in the matrix. And the matrix has been programmed and the program trained your brain, how to think and what to do and how to behave. So we have to strip back the programming and remember who we are and the way what we can do to help us assist us in that process is using things like human design, astrology, and numerology, to start remembering who we up to start reconnecting to our truth. And we have to use those as tools that help us get a deeper insight to who we are, but then to really go the next step and take it all the way we have to master ourself through emotional, emotional intelligence and deep meditation.

And when we start to go into these deep meditation or practices, we can start to quiet now, mind and awaken the essence of who we are, because it's in the stillness, it's in the removal of all the noise in the outside world, in which we create the space around us and the right conditions in which we can remember why we're here and who we are. So then, you know, as we go through life, we create these constructs to make sense of things. But think about it. When you grew up, who did you learn from? It was your social network. It was your family. It was your friends who did they learn from their family, their friends here? Did they learn from same thing? It goes back through lineage, but depending on the times that they were in, they were fed a specific narrative and story that programmed their mind.

And if they thought those things were absolute truth, they're going to pass that knowledge onto here, whether it be true or false. And society's narrative is mostly false. We are more divine than that. We all are Devon, but humans are very meticulously designed and we are here for a purpose. We're here to evolve and ascent and to help mother earth and Gaya of all of us. Well, because the planet is a living thing. We are all living beings. All animals have a conscience. We all hold consciousness and consciousness travels through energy and the energy transference and how everything is connected is what holds the greater or the great intelligence and the intelligence originates from the creator. And once we understand that, we now are that by coming down into this physical plane on earth, we have traveled a long way from our original creator and the creator there is pure love and light and light holds information.

So our job is to remember the light within, to remember that are divine light. And the way that we remember ourselves is by shining a light on all of our blind spots within us. So this is why it's so important to master our emotions because our emotions indicate our level of consciousness. So if we are residing in emotions of fear, guilt, anger, and shame, and judgment, then we are most likely residing at a lower level of consciousness because we have not mastered those emotions because we're still expressing them. We're still a by-product of those emotions. And our job is to identify when those emotions arise within us. So we can be aware of it consciously aware, and in that moment, make the conscious decision to let it pass, let it flow. And then transmuted through the process of alchemy, where we're transmuting the lower level emotions into higher level emotions, into love, forgiveness, joy, happiness, compassion for all beings.

And in seeing our own light, we activate our true self because we are all infinitely powerful. We are all quantum creators in this universe. You have the power we all do. It's just laying dormant within us. So the more we shine the light on ourself and love ourself and awaken. And remember who we truly are. We become more light beings. We absorb more light. We absorb more information into our body, which allows us to continue to transcend to higher realms of consciousness. And there's a theory I'm developing, which kind of ties on to string theory. Think of like owl. The whole reason that we are here to find our purpose is because when we are aligned with our purpose, we are strumming in sync. We are in harmony with our core essence of who we are. So picture yourself and myself with a Qatar in our hands.

And then once you picture that picture, our entire nation and planet and all human beings with a guitar in their hands, all strumming the one song. Once you picture this, understand that there's going to be certain people that are strumming out of tune with what the collective is strumming, right? So the collective song, the song that we are all co-creating is the sum or average of everyone's strong. Now, the more ensuring you are with your purpose and the core mission of why you're here, your true essence, the more you acknowledge them, remember in awaken your true infinite power and creative ability. You have the more in sync and in harmony, you're going to be playing this song, but the further removed you get from your purpose, the more distracted you get. And the more caught up with the physical realm, you're going to stop up and you're going to stop missing vital strings while you're playing your song, which creates disharmony in the song, because you're not playing your pot. You're not playing your role, but when you're in line with your purpose and mission, you're playing your pot. And when we all play our pots, we create one amazing symphony that makes up our universal song because we are all vibrational beings. And when we're old playing Al pox, we generate a song of the universe, break the word, the universe down uni, which means one verse, which means song.

So our whole goal and purpose is to find what we're here to do and why we're here. And the way we do that is first, we become aware that there is greater possibility. Number two, we have to forge and develop the belief that we are infinite quantum creators in this reality that we are more than just a by-product of Darwin's theory of evolution, where it's survival of the fittest, where in order to win, we must beat others. We must compete against others. We must be superior to others. That it's the survival of the fittest. That's a very limiting view because it means that you don't matter.

And science and our schooling system has told us that we don't matter that when you're just a blip in the middle, like in the vast universe and that life has no meaning. And that there's probably no other life in other planets, but it's such a hoax because there are trillions of galaxies out there. And there's billions of Earth-like planets in other galaxies that have the right conditions for life. As we know it right here right now. And just because we have not been taught that this is the reality is, does not dismiss that it is true. And while we're all working towards getting close to the truth, we must be committed to finding and seeking that truth. Because the closer we get to the truth, the closer we get to play our own song and the more each and every one of us stopped playing our own song, those around us then develop the courage and the will and the tenacity and the strength to stand up and rise and to step into their own power, to shine a lot on themselves, acknowledge themselves being important for being incredible because we all Olaf and then they stopped playing their song too.

And the more people that stop playing their song, it makes up this grand symphony of old car creators. We're all, co-creating this song. And the more in tune we all lie, the more harmonious it is. And that is why, if you look at the conflict in the world right now, there's no right or wrong. It just means that there are a lot of people that aren't playing their song. They're playing someone else's song that they've been told to play because they were told they had to, they were told they had to take that job. No told they had to study that course, that would given a false narrative. And it's okay. There's no right or wrong with them. There's no negative or downside towards following your own path because in following your own path, you know, it's not for you. And then we can correct course we can start to teach others that, Hey, you're amazing.

And we are all connected. We're all one. We're all one consciousness. We all stand back from the ultimate creator, whatever that word is for you, you get me here. So that's why like really the core truth is we must reconnect with that purpose. And once we understand that we can give permission to ourselves to create whatever we want to create, because it's our job to create something that's true to us. And once we create something that's true to us, we become a lot because now we're living our purpose. We're living our mission. We're doing what we're born and here to do, because if you get that right, that is your essence. And it's about you expressing your essence on the world to create to co-create with all that is.