February 21, 2021

Have I Gone Crazy?

Are you struggling to make sense of our current times and the reality in which we live?

Do you find yourself held back by the limiting and toxic beliefs of those around you?

Have you tried stretching yourself to new levels of consciousness and awareness, only to find yourself resorting back to "other peoples thinking" or following the crowd when things get tough?

At the end of the day, we are the sum of our choices... And most of us make choices based on our current perception of reality.

Now, if the quality of our life is determined by the choices we make... and the quality of our choices are determined by our current beliefs and perception of reality, then it would make sense to expose our mind to new ways of thinking to gain a greater perspective and challenge our current ways of perceiving reality.

Where you are in life right now, your current situation, it's nobodies doing but your own. It's the sum total of every decision you've ever made. We are our choices.

Watch this video to expand your perception of reality so you can start making higher quality decisions.

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments?

Here's what we cover:

  1. We are all one — there is no separation between you or I.
  2. Everything and everyone is merely a mirror that reflects back to us what we need to learn in that moment.
  3. The power of unconditional love.
  4. Why I don't have a love language.
  5. Forgiving someone who is trying to murder you.
  6. The importance of enhancing your energetic vibration.
  7. What happens when you die? Is there an afterlife?
  8. Do aliens exist?
  9. Good vs Evil
  10. The true power behind meditation.
  11. The evolution of humanity and our planet — Transitioning from 3D to 5D consciousness.
  12. Why we are here living this human experience.
  13. How Nikola Tesla accessed higher realms to become a genius.

Earth is our country and humanity is our race, let us rise, rally and unite as one :)

-Rhett & the team at UnitedMind.com.

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Rhett: (00:00)
All right, Jeff, what's up?

Jeff: (00:03)
What's up. What's up. What's up? Hey, um, I was just thinking w what are like some deep, deep, like truths or philosophies that you might, that you've adopted that society might think that you're just freaking crazy for?

Rhett: (00:21)
Um, I used to think I was crazy if I was going to talk about this stuff, but it's become so true for me now that like, if you think I'm crazy, I think you're crazy kind of thing, you know, like it's, so I mean that jokingly, but like at, so I only completely adopt something that I find the truth within, you know? So if I was to go back to myself and be like, you're going to be talking about how yours, I dunno, like everything I talk about now, if I was to be talking about that last year, I would have thought I was crazy myself. Like, honestly, most of the stuff I talk about now, if you were to talk to me about that 18 months ago, I would have flat out judged me as being crazy. So honestly, like the deep philosophies and truths at the end of the day, like a lot of what I built United mind around is really my truth or like my philosophy.

Rhett: (01:29)
And I'm going to be sharing a lot more of them. I know I haven't really put much out there yet, but it is that we are all one, that there is no separation between you or me. We are just merely a different entity, living a different experience, but our intelligence and our learnings from our experience all contribute back to the ultimate creator and what I perceive as different. Like, we have different looks. We have different genders, we have different skin colors, but all of that means nothing. Like it actually means nothing because it's just physical. It tells you nothing about the soul or your origin or your past lives. Well, your personal journey and what you're here to do. It's just that we all are fixated on the things that separate us in everyday life. But the more we view people as one, like knowing that everything is a mirror in life. So whatever triggers me in that moment, it's not the other person that's triggering me. They're just the initiation of the trigger that is already within me, that I have to identify to root out. So if I get emotionally jaded that someone says something, it's not that they said that thing it's that I, myself, am not coming from a place of total openness, unconditional love and forgiveness.

Rhett: (03:17)
If I'm judging that person, then I'm residing the emotions of judgment, which is a lower level of consciousness. So really the core concept is, and the answer to everything is love. That's what we're here to learn on the 3d realm, but we weren't master ourself until we can completely embody love, like unconditional love, because love has no conditions like in a relationship or in on this call. Like if I was to be like, I only love you. If you show up for this call, that's a condition or in a relationship. I only love you. If you do this for me, that's a condition, but unconditional love is like, I love you because you're here. I don't have any conditions.

Rhett: (04:13)
I don't have a love language because love is love. I don't need you to get me a present for me to love you. I don't need you to tell me that you love me for me to love you. Like all these things we create. All these conditions that we create in this physical realm are so off. They're just so disconnected from the truth of what is. So yeah, my truth, my truth, and my philosophy is love. Like, but most gut, like it's a lot easier for women to adopt that feeling. But because men have severed the link between their mind and their hot men have a lot of work to do to rebuild the connection, to be willing, to feel, to be willing, to accept, love, to be willing, to actually feel love and to give love, because in order like most men don't receive or give love because by doing so, they think that there'll be labeled to. It's so hilarious, but it's true. So, you know, like, that's why you'll see like a lot of guys relationships with each other is it's funny. Like I come from a footballing background and a lot of the time, the only way of expressing emotion to your mates is to go punch them.

Rhett: (05:46)
And it's like, the true masculine man holds the space of love and forgiveness because he has no ego. And it is the ego that is to love because when you actually fully accept love and give love, you have no barriers that you need to hold up. It's like, Hey, I don't care. You can judge me, but I'm not affected by that. You can tell me and say whatever you want, but I know that that's just you dealing with your. It has nothing to do with me. I will just be my raw, authentic self. And if you don't like it, you don't like it. I don't care if you want to complain about something, you complain about something. But every trigger that comes up for you around me is not because of me. It's because you need to work through the trigger and you won't see me getting triggered.

Rhett: (06:39)
I mean, I might still every now and then when something comes up, but I'm in a space now where I literally like don't get triggered by anything and it's about, but I took a lot of work to do that because I went through like a spiritual awakening two years ago. But then last year when the pandemic hit, that forced me to see the dark side of life. That forced me to see the true darkness within our world. Right now that's a small percentage of the population is carrying out. And I got really mad, like. But in going through that, I transmuted the feelings of anger, judgment, and being off into forgiveness and love, knowing that the people like everyone has a choice and there's no right or wrong. And that the people who decide to do evil on the earth, that's their choice.

Rhett: (07:39)
And by doing so, we learn as a collective that actually helps us ascend and evolve. And if they decide to live their experience doing evil, then so be it. Not that I'm going to accept it and just sit by while they keep doing their, but I'm not going to judge them for it. And I'm not going to be angry at them. I'm just like in a place of, Hey, I love you, but I ain't going to accept it. Does that make sense? And that is kind of a representation of a complete one 80, where last year I was like, furious about what was happening. Like really just like. But then when you, you can't operate from that place, because then if you're trying to just defeat anger with more anger, you butt heads, it doesn't work. So you have to raise your vibration to a level of love where if someone, and this is one that I'm trying to now work on, like, just to give you an idea, this is now the question that I'm asking myself.

Rhett: (08:55)
I still have not found the answer, but I'm, I'm pretty close where like, I like to picture myself in different situations and be like, what would I feel? What would I do? Um, so I'm trying to picture now, if someone was going to murder me, could I forgive them or would I go pick up my gun and shoot them? That's the question I'm trying to like play with in my mind that I'm trying to ask for guidance for, because it's just interesting. It's like, well, if you are truly coming from a place of love and light, if someone is trying to kill you, do you defend yourself and kill them? Or do you in the moment express love at the sacrifice of your life, because then you're holding the higher vibration until the very end of love and light kind of like what Jesus did on the cross.

Rhett: (09:51)
So I don't know. I that's one answer that I'm trying to figure out, like, that's my question that I'm sitting on. But, um, I think the answer is peace. And I think the answer is love till the end. And last year I went and was in the opposite realm where I like went and got a gun, got heaps of ammo. It was like, yeah, like. If, if they come down on me, just wait and see. But now I think it's the other way around where like, I dunno, I don't know. Yes, you can like self-protect, but in that moment, it's like, we've got to know what ripple that we cause. So if me and self-defense killing someone, is that just going to cause another ripple of like hatred or not? And I haven't figured it out. So I'm kind of rambling about this because I, I, you can see, I haven't figured this answer out myself, but hopefully it helps you kind of get a glimpse into your life with what you're trying to focus on and figure out for you.

Rhett: (11:00)
And I know that the answer to this is kind of like another step in my own personal mastery, but, um, everyone's different. So yeah, that like to answer your question, my philosophy, it's definitely, um, love forgiveness, compassion, and expanding your energetic vibration because all another one would be that death is just like a quarterly review or a yearly annual review. There is no death. We are eternal beings. We live for eternity and our life right now is just a short term experience of learning. And it's our job to learn as much as we can and to master ourself. And then once our time's up, what we plunk out of the matrix, reassess, recalibrate, design our next experience to learn what we need to, and we get after it again. And we enter that next experience maybe on this planet again, maybe on another planet. So that's one that I think most people would kind of think I'm crazy about because most people fear death. Well, I mean, it drives human behavior really?

Jeff: (12:12)
Yeah. 100%. And like, when you let's say, obviously you probably don't touch into these subjects unless a person, other person like gives you that opens the door to this conversation because it's just, yeah,

Rhett: (12:24)
Yeah, yeah. You don't voluntarily go like opening this up because, but I'm know it's funny when you start talking about this stuff a little bit and attracts like minds.

Speaker 3: (12:38)

Rhett: (12:39)
But yeah, it's not, it's not something I openly discussed with everyone because like, they just look at you, like they get scared. Literally. They're like, it triggers fear within them. If you're like aliens here, people are like, Oh no, they're not. It's all, it's really old. It's like, okay, you don't think they're here. Really. You know, we've lived within trillions of galaxies and potentially many, many, many universes like, and you don't believe there's any other life, despite the fact that there being billions of other planets that replicate the conditions that we have here on earth. And you don't believe there's other beings or intelligence out there. No. Okay. You believe what you're going to believe, but that's all, it's just the way human. Like, it's that you just see it. I see it differently. Now. I don't judge anyone for any of their beliefs. I just know that where each individual is, is right for them at this point in time in their life. And that they have to go through the experiences that they are going through to learn the lessons that they need to learn that contributes to their own personal, spiritual and soul development to then transcend to the next level. And they will continue to be faced with the same experiences in, with different conditions that are there to provide the same learnings that they need to learn. But until they learn it, they will be met with the same experience over and over and over again.

Rhett: (14:21)
So there's no good or bad experience. There only is what is because the creator and us now collective our oneness loans from all of it. So if someone goes through a really dark, negative experience, well, they actually learned a lot from that. And they've now become a different person through that experience. And we are the sum of our choices. So we either choose that every experience is actually serves us or that we are subject to our experiences and we have no choice. And that everything that happens to us is bad. So you can see, depending on the level of intelligence and consciousness that someone resides at that will determine how they view their experiences in life. And the more emotionally connected you are to an experience or the closer you are, or an emotionally involved, you are to something that's likely that you will see things as negative because you're too attached to it.

Rhett: (15:28)
So if a member of, I don't want to get personal, but say, Oh no, you have a close relative friend or someone around you that goes through something really dumb. We can either choose to see that as darkness and Oh man, like, can't believe that happened to you. So sorry. Like, yeah, we can be sorry. We can be compassionate. But in that moment, we have a choose a choice to remove yourself emotionally from it and see the bigger picture that their experience is actually teaching them so much. And in that moment, they have the choice to either see their experience as a learning, or allow their ego to get in the way where they see themselves as individualistic. And that always made. And we all go through these phases in life. Like when something really bad happens to you, it's really, really hard to see the light, but that's the challenge.

Rhett: (16:30)
That's why we're here. The pandemic people are dying. Most people see the pandemic as something really terrible. Oh, no, people are dying. I don't see people. It was dying. I'm like, yeah, of course. I feel for them, I have extreme levels of empathy and compassion, but I'm not going to let that hinder me in my own growth and my own energy. Um, I see it as, Oh, they're, it's Tom for there. We reviewed. And if all this, this stuff in public, a lot of people would really get angry at me because now I'm kind of laughing about that. But death is a quarterly reviewed at the end of the year. Don't we just go like, Oh man, I can't believe 2020 is over. Like how sad or do we go? All right, let's rock and roll 2021. Maybe that's what death is because our body is just one part of us.

Rhett: (17:30)
We have our body, we have our mind, we have our spirit and our soul and our soul when we don't, I, our consciousness and everything we've learned in this experience is an imprint on our soul. And when we die our soul out this realm, and then it has awareness. It has consciousness. It is us just without the body. So we don't see ourself as a physical being anymore, but then our soul goes and extracts into the higher realm. And obviously this is, might sound a little bit crazy because I obviously haven't died. But from every thing that I've gone and everything I've meditated on and everything that I have researched, I've expressed discernment at every point and I've absorbed. What's true for me. And that's also probably an interesting thing to just mention here. Is that anything I say still use your own discernment for what you believe is true and to find your truth. But I would only express that you do not allow your ego to get in the way. And you'll notice that if I say something and a bit of fear or emotion comes up within you, that's your ego getting in your way to try and protect you.

Rhett: (18:54)
But the goal is to transcend ego. So we just see things as a clear slate as an observer. So then you can actually approach things with an open and clear mind where you're willing to receive it. But if it doesn't feel right within and it's not aligned and integral to your truth, then dismiss it. You don't have to believe everything. I say, I don't want you to, I want you to find your truth. But when you view things that way, instead of allowing your preconceived beliefs and notions to get in the way with new information, for example, we believe once we die, it's the end. All we go up to quote unquote heaven. So we might believe one or two, those two things. It's like, Hey, all right, well, maybe one person believes that when we die, we die. That's it you're done. Another person might believe like, maybe there's a chance.

Rhett: (19:54)
I'll go to heaven if I'm good enough. But if you believe, if you have a hard core belief about any of those two things, when I'm coming in and trying to shed light on another possibility that death is just a quarterly review, you're going to probably get off at me because it directly challenges your other beliefs that you already hold. And when your core beliefs are challenged to the very cool, you get angry and fearful because then challenges your entire paradigm for, in which you live. Because our beliefs give us certainty because you cannot have certainty without belief. That is why belief is so powerful. But when you allow yourself to be open with many beliefs opposing, especially that's when you become a true master, because now you can hold two opposing beliefs in your mind at the same time and still function as a human, which is what I basically went through last year, was holding the space of not knowing of being like, Hey, I dunno, which basically means that in my mind, reality could be anything.

Rhett: (21:11)
The universe could be anything. I could be anything. And that allowed me to question everything at the raw depths of myself and my entire being. And it feels really unstable when you start breaking beliefs, because when you break an old belief, your life becomes a little bit more uncertain. So it's about opening yourself up and being okay with the uncertainty. And that is why meditation is so important because that's when you, when you break your beliefs of how the world works out here, you break down the constructs and your current paradigm, and then allows you to go in to meditation because then you realize that there is nothing externally that can tell me the truth. Nothing. There just a perception. It's an illusion. But when I go within aha, that's where the source is. That's where truth is. So that's why now when I hear something I don't dismiss it. It's like, Hey, that they could definitely be right, but I'll go meditate on it to find my truth.

Rhett: (22:21)
Because when you meditate and come from that place from higher source, that is where you find your truth because otherwise your life is built around illusion because the mind is illusion. The mind is like perception and the mind has been programmed since your birth to believe something, to have a certain set of beliefs. And then, and that's why a lot of people will go in a little bit crazy right now, like as we're expanding our consciousness, because what's happening in the world right now, our old beliefs are shattering. And there's two types of people in this world. They're separating at Lightspeed. There's are the one person who is willing as much as it hurts and painful as it is that is willing to let go of their old beliefs to expand and open themselves up to a new possibility. But there's another type of person who at all costs is clenching and hanging on to the old reality, to their old paradigms and their old belief systems, because they are too scared to let them go. So they have to find certainty in their old self, in the victim hood, in their old beliefs that they have had for so long, because it's the only thing that is giving them certainty in an uncertain world.

Rhett: (23:45)
And these two people are going to continue to stretch further and further apart because the people who start to open up at this point and question reality and open up for new paradigms and new belief systems, and really work on mastering themselves and working through all the emotions and being willing to hold it and not see anything as good or bad, just being the observer. They are rapidly evolving towards their own mastery faster than ever before. They are rising in levels of consciousness that we have not seen in like almost a couple of thousands of years. And that is going to create this huge divide between two types of people. These people up here who are Arpan, uh, going to be the front runners for creating our new paradigm and our new reality in the five dimensional world, which is going to be filled with love and wisdom. But the people who do not want to change or transform, they will be stuck in the dense, 3d realm in pain, in suffering, in fear, regret judgment. So this gives you a really good idea about what's happening right now and what we are here to do.

Rhett: (25:06)
We are here to ascend to higher realms. It's pretty cool. It's very cool. But if you guys aren't getting this, like, feel free to just ask questions, um, challenge what I'm saying, and I can, um, we can work around to like help you find clarity if that's what you want. But obviously these coals can go wherever. It's more so about, like helping you get clarity around your current bottlenecks that are holding you back right now. So does that resonate for everyone? Or when I talk about this stuff, is it like quite hard to grasp? Or are we, are we on the same page here?

Speaker 4: (25:55)
Same page, same age. It's like, it's for me, this is like, it depends on like everyone's level, but I I've been studying like this stuff for a long time and I've been understanding it from different perspectives. And I completely believe in it, like what you're saying. I completely believe in it. So definitely it resonates with me.

Rhett: (26:14)
Cool. And if you don't, that's okay too, because once again, there's no right or wrong. It's just, if we're not aligned, like just let me know. So I can fill in gaps because this stuff, this stuff takes a long time to download and integrate within yourself because we've, while we've had like many coals, it's very limited because I can honestly talk about this stuff for weeks. Like our could probably talk about it for a year straight, just back to back. And there's so much information, but it's not about dumping all of the information on you. It's about trying to identify what seed that you need to be planted right now. That's going to allow you to then go water that seed and expand upon it. So, Jeff, how are you finding this?

Jeff: (27:04)
Oh, I resonate with it 100%. Okay, cool. Frank is very refreshing. Cause it's not again in my world. Nobody really talks about it,

Rhett: (27:17)
But that's why, that's why this stuff's so important. Because once again, this could be your standard business conversation where it's like, Oh, I'll show you guys how to build a funnel. But when we get this right, this is like paradigm shifting stuff. And when you view the world in a different way, with a greater perspective and paradigm of how everything works, you okay? So there's two levels like Cole, this 3d, right, where everyone is right now, and we're transcending and rising above through the four dimensional realm to five D and five D is where basically we become the embodiment of a human master. We master the human experience at this level and by doing so, it gives you the wisdom and insight and perspective where you are a master of your life. You're not having troubles, doing that people struggle with down here because you've evolved to a higher level.

Rhett: (28:24)
And at higher levels, you have greater super powers available to you. So it's like when, you know, for example, at this 3d level, we have to use this computer and this microphone to transmit information, but at five D uh, telepathically, we just communicate because we want to, through our mind, it's like, Hey Jeff, what's up, dude. No much man. Like there's no zoom coal. That's a three-day technology and we're rising above it. So see how, while I know it takes a long time to master this stuff. It's totally worth it because the faster we master it, we can then help other people master it too. And when we rise in our skillset, awareness and mastery, we then can start to tap into source like spiritual source, which has infinite intelligence encoded within it. So say that you have down here at trying to solve a problem.

Rhett: (29:36)
And then you decide, all right, to solve this problem. I'm going to read thousand books on this topic to try and find the answer which I've done, like to get to a certain level of awareness, because I had to change my awareness to know that this other stuff was even possible. Right? But say that down here you go and get all this mentoring and you read a thousand books to try and find what the answers are to life. When, if you're a master at this level, you just like tap in and awesome aliens. Like, Hey, what is like, what's happening here? What are the answers? What do I need to know? How do I invent this? How do I create that? And they go and it's encoded in your mind. That was like, what Nikola Tesla was doing. I'm pretty sure he was an initiate.

Rhett: (30:28)
And initiate is an initiation into higher realms of being so Nicola Tesla, he wasn't the creator of those inventions. Those inventions already exist. The information. He pulled the information from the quantum sea, from the quantum realm, from higher realms of intelligence. And he like, he even quotes himself. My brain is merely a receiver, but he was able to tap into that creative source where he co-created with the universe. He co-created with higher realms to bring amazing technologists alive. Unfortunately, those technologies were taken over by the corrupt agendas here on earth, but we will see them deploying and coming back to light as more humans transcend to higher realms. And we start to absorb the planet in codes of light and love. Because as we all transcend through the dark and negative or quote unquote negative energies, we become more conscious and aware. So back here, if someone got angry at us, we might've got angry back at them.

Rhett: (31:47)
So the cycle of anger repeats. But when we integrate ourself and master oneself, we rise to the level of love. So then when that relative flips their at you, you don't get angry back. It's like, Hey dude, I love you, but you're going to have to go process your own trauma. It's not up to me to do it. Say the difference. Then it's like they get triggered back from you because they don't want to receive the love. But that then creates the cascade of events that occurs for them to rise in their own level of consciousness. So this, yeah, this is the most important stuff. And when you get it, when you like really get it businesses, easy businesses, honestly, so simple. And you can do anything that you wanted business because now you're coming from the higher realms of vibration and frequency. And when you raise your vibrational frequency, you become a Nikola Tesla. What's the blueprints for this quantum machine I'm trying to create.

Rhett: (32:54)
And then your Judi is to use it for the good and the service of humanity. That's the caveat because there are negative entities, negatively oriented entities in the fourth and fifth dimensional realm. But the fifth dimensional realm is as far as they go, because in order to get past the fifth dimensional realm, you have to embody and truly become a master of wisdom and love. And ironically negative entities reside off the emotions of fear because those lower level emotions control other people. So then you, we know that the light is going to win in our realm because there are millions and billions of entities who are positively oriented, who are in the service of all that is in our universe and the multiverse. And they are here. They literally like the entities in the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, 10th, 11th. I think there's 12, 12, 12 dimensions. I could be a little bit wrong on that. I'm not sure how high it goes. Um, because when to only truly know how high it goes, you have to get to that level. Right. Um, but if we assume for now that there's around 12, those beings came through this, like many of them came through this physical experience that we're now living ourselves. And they only got to that level by mastering oneself and actually devoting themselves to the service of all that is to being in service of the universe and the creator.

Rhett: (34:40)
So the way to get there is to choose to be of service to others. And the way we are of service to others is to embody and exude love and light in order to do that, we have to learn how to feel through the hot, in order to do that. We have to meditate. So this is really powerful stuff. And there's like, there's many more layers to it, but it's literally what we're here to do. So this is all about, and like make no mistake. I'm here on the journey with you guys. Like I'm not a guru, I'm not here to be a guru. I'm here to, co-create a new reality with you.