Video Wizard

Starting at $4,000 USD Per Month
Full Time

Sales Alchemist

$10k - $20k USD Per Month
Full Time

Job Description


Do you know how to shoot/edit videos that can change the world?

Or... Do you know somebody who does?

If so, this could be the dream job you've been looking for!

You will be working directly with Rhett to create revolutionary videos that educate, inspire and unite humanity in a way that has never been done before.

The intention behind the videos you will be required to help create is to effectively explain the deepest concepts and truths of our universal reality. Rhett will do the teaching and work with you on the creative element to present the video in ways that effectively communicate and teach people who have different learning styles, personality types, backgrounds, perceptions, experiences and beliefs.

Rhett creates from the heart and will only work with those who truly care and have a deep love for what they do.

This is truly a special role where your creation will have the opportunity to impact the hearts and minds of millions across the globe.

If this is for you, waste no time in applying.

It's time to create something truly amazing.

Humanity needs you now.

Note: The salary mentioned is just a starting point. Rhett values this creative role extremely highly and will reward your creative talent and the impact it has on humanity once he sees what you can do.

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