How To Design Your Life, Skyrocket Your Performance And Make $30k/m Doing What You love In 90 Days or Less

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Program Demo & Methodology

1. Purpose

2. Performance

3. Profession (Business)

Gentlemen's Mastery is a 12-month online hybrid mastermind and coaching program with quarterly mastermind events, monthly 1-day intensive workshops, weekly live Q&A calls, online courses, resources and a community of men who want to rise as a new age Renaissance Man.

Gentlemen's Mastery shows you how discover your unique purpose, design your life, skyrocket your performance and build a mission driven business doing what you love.

While most people settle for linear thinking, which only ever results in slow and incremental progress, we operate in the quantum realm where exponential results are mandatory in every decision we make.

Additionally, most people only ever strive to master one, maybe two areas of their life which results in living a mediocre life at best. We see the world differently and are committed to mastering all areas of life, for to strive for anything less would be accepting a life far below what we are capable of.

Step 1 - Watch the program demo

Watch the video above to discern whether or not Gentlemen's Mastery is aligned with what you're looking for.

Step 2 - Apply and schedule in for your interview

Click "Apply Now" to submit your application. Once you do so, you will have the opportunity to schedule in for a call with Rhett personally to discuss your current situation, your personal vision for your life and your goals that you're currently working toward. Together, you will identify your core problems and bottle necks that are currently holding you back, allowing Rhett to truly discern whether or not this program is the best fit for you.

If you both come to a mutual agreement that Gentlemen's Mastery is the best hybrid coaching program capable of helping you solve your problems, enabling you to achieve the life you desire, Rhett will offer you the opportunity to join and commence the onboarding process.

If, however, Rhett does not believe Gentlemen's Mastery is the absolute best fit for you, he will utilize his extensive network to refer you to the best solution on the market.

Step 3 - Accept your invitation and proceed through our onboarding process

Once you accept your invitation to join Gentlemen's Mastery, Rhett will take you through our onboarding process that has been methodically designed to help you truthfully assess yourself in ALL areas of life.

This includes a series of detailed assessments designed to help us understand your unique personal situation at the depth required for us to help you at the greatest capacity possible.

During the onboarding process we will analyze you across the areas of your performance, energy, overall health, brain function, spiritual development, quality of your relationships, and your business.

Once we have your baseline, we then go deeper in identifying your unique strengths, x-factor's, innate talents, skills and weaknesses so we can help you effectively design your life and business around your unique gifts, allowing you to align yourself closer to your purpose and mission in life (helping you find your unique purpose in life and build a career around your unique strengths is our unique X-FACTOR).

The deeper we can understand the true YOU, the greater the results we can help you achieve.

Step 4 - Commence working through the training program

Upon joining, you'll get immediate access to an online training program to systematically help you design your dream life, discover your purpose, maximize your energy, skyrocket your performance and productivity, advance in your spiritual development (the key to personal power), radically enhance the quality of your relationships with your family, friends and intimate partner, and finally master all aspects of your business.

The programs include additional custom built system templates with automated workflows in clickup & notion, action guides, process documents, to-do lists, and resources to ensure the greatest level of integration and implementation with what you're learning.

Our custom built systems have taken 18+ months to design and include workflows to manage your own personal life, goal progress tracking, process documents, checklists, automated sales CRM, content creation workflow, hiring documents, hiring onboarding workflows and many more.

By providing you with these systems we intend for you to save yourself the 18+ months that took for us to build, while also helping you win back at least 2-3 hours per day to ensure you can allocate your time to the things that matter most.

Here's an overview of the included programs:

1. The Alchemy of Life Design

2. High Performance Accelerator

3. Quantum Creator

Step 5 - Attend the weekly live Zoom coaching Q&A calls

As a student of Gentlemen's Mastery, you will have the open opportunity to join our weekly live Zoom group coaching Q&A calls where you will have the opportunity to receive direct personal coaching from Rhett. The coaching calls typically last around 2 - 2.5 hours with an average attendance of 6-12 people which allows for plenty of time to get your questions addressed in detail.

The calls are recorded and are uploaded into the training portal on the same day of the live session.

Step 6 - Attend the quarterly live 2-day mastermind events

We hold 4x 2-day live events every year. Due to the current pandemic, we are holding all events virtually (with additional upgrade options for those who are able to attend in person in Austin, TX USA) available to watch from the comfort of your own home via 1080p HD video live stream. All events are recorded and are available to view in 1080p HD within the training portal.

Step 7 - Join and part take in our private community

Your network is your net-worth. Join a community of likeminded Renaissance entrepreneurs, creators, leaders, and lightworkers who are committed to mastering all areas of life while scaling their mission driven business in the pursuit of raising our collective consciousness and advancing our civilization into the 5th dimension of consciousness.

What you have 12-months access to:
  • Weekly live Zoom Q&A coaching calls
  • 4 x quarterly 2-day mastermind events
  • Monthly 1-day intensive workshops
  • Private online community

What you get lifetime access to:
  • The online courses + ALL future upgrades
  • System templates
  • Action guides
  • Resources
For men who want to become a new age Renaissance Man and master themselves in all areas of life.

Men — Who are willing to rise to a new level, in the pursuit of mastering themselves in all areas of life across the domains of mind, body, spirit, relationships & business.

Men — Who feel called to discover their purpose and live a mission driven life in the service of their family, their community and their fellow human beings.

Men — Who want to achieve total financial freedom and abundance, however, deeply understand that there is much more to life than just making money and sitting behind a fucking laptop slaving away.

Men — Who are relentlessly committed to seeking the truth of who they are and why they are here.

Men — Who feel devoid of passion, purpose and meaning, yet are willing to do whatever it takes to break out of their comfort zone in order to create the life they were born to live.

Men — Who are sick and tired of living life as a one dimensional douche bag, and want to learn how to tie it all together across all domains of life.

Online Entrepreneurs —  Coaches, consultants or service providers who want to grow an online systemized business doing what they love, while working less hours and having more fun.

Creators —  IG Influencers, YouTubers, Authors, Writers, Speakers, Bloggers who have an audience and want to monetize the back with high profit margins.

Sales Reps — Sales reps who want to double down and master the Art & Science of Sales and learn how to provide more value to the company you’re working with to increase your earning capacity through strategic leverage as a business and/ or performance consultant.

9-5 Employees/ “Intrapreneurs” — Employees looking to escape the 9-5 grind and start making $10-$30k/m doing something they love. Intrapreneurs looking to increase their value within their current company to take control of their earning capacity.

Athletes/ Retired Athletes —  Looking to re-build their career and make the successful transition into a highly profitable industry.

  • You’re doing a lot of busy work but getting fucking no-where.
  • You’re overwhelmed, confused, fatigued and struggling to discipline yourself and focus due to all the uncertainty and chaos in the world.
  • You’re struggling coming up with the right offer and haven’t yet been able to find the sweet spot with product to market fit… and as a result are having a terrible time attracting new clients with predictability.
  • You’re doing all the work yourself and haven’t had the time/ ability to build a high performing sales team.
  • You might be facing addictions to alcohol, drugs, weed, porn, social media and are damaging your brain at an ever increasing rate.
  • You’re stressed the fuck out and paranoid, seeming to create more mess everywhere you go and with everything you touch.
  • You’re generating decent revenue, however, have no idea where the fuck your profit is when you look in your bank account at the end of every month.
Quarterly Masterminds — 2-Day Masterminds (4 x Per Year)

Quarterly Challenges — 90 Day Milestone Challenge Sprints
Monthly Workshops — 1-Day Topic Focused Intensive Workshops
Weekly — LIVE Zoom Coaching Q&A Calls + Recordings

Training Programs —

  • Alchemy of Life Design
  • High Performance Accelerator
  • Quantum Creator —Business Program

Private Online Mastermind Community

System Templates, Action Guides, Resources, Tracking Systems